Quality is of the utmost importance here at Quinn Packaging. We believe that to deliver quality in every way to our customers, it must be a priority in everything we do as an organisation, an inherent part of our culture.

That’s why quality is fundamental in every part of our business, from the products we produce and the service we provide our customers, to the processes and procedures we apply, and the management and development of our workforce.

Product Quality

Our customers expect to receive products which always meet the highest standards of reliability and strength. Every product we manufacture must be fit for purpose, and meet the strict quality standards we insist upon.

We have a zero tolerance on product defects. We have strict internal processes and rigorous quality assurance testing in place at every stage of the manufacturing process. We have a highly experienced Quality Assurance Team, who have developed detailed procedures and individual product specifications, centred on quality standards. This is how we meet and exceed our customers’ expectations when it comes to quality, because it is central to everything that we do.

Best Practice

As a food packaging manufacturing facility, it is essential that we adhere to the strictest industry standards. To us, this means going beyond the minimum legal requirements, to achieve a standard which is best in class.

End to End Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is integrated into producing our packaging right from the very outset.

We manufacture the plastic sheet used to produce our products internally, using our own sheet extrusion equipment. This gives us complete control over quality testing right throughout the manufacturing process.

The testing of strength begins with the raw ingredients, using state of the art IV testing equipment. This allows us to develop the right recipe for our sheet extrusion process, ensuring the quality of the plastic sheet.

We continue to test rigorously throughout the product development process, using true to life prototypes before the product is approved for production. Our Quality Assurance Team set the strictest high standards for every product, and these standards must be met before production can be approved.

Once a product has been approved for full production, we must ensure consistency of quality standards, and this is done through ongoing monitoring and testing. We are committed to providing quality packaging to our customers, every time.