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A6 70 2 70 / 30 Split Meat Tray

D13 30 Grillsteak Tray

D13 37 70 / 30 Split Meat Trays

D13 37 80 / 20 Split Meat Tray

D13 40 60 / 40 Split Meat Tray

D13 45 50 / 50 Split Meat Tray (LD)

D13 45 70 / 30 Split Meat Tray

D13 55 3 Cavity Meat Tray

D18 37 Kebab Tray

D18 37 Sloped Meat Tray

D18 45 50 / 50 Split Meat Tray

D2 37 Kebab Tray

D2 40 50 / 50 Split Meat Tray (LD)

D2 45 50 / 50 Split Meat Tray (LD)

D2 55 50 / 50 Split Meat Tray

Speciality Meat Trays

Our range of speciality meat trays have been developed to meet the needs of our customers, either due to the introduction of a new product, or to improve the packaging for an existing product.

Offering a wide selection of different shapes and sizes and with a variety of compartmentalised packaging, we have an existing portfolio of impressive speciality meat trays, tailored to ensure the best presentation of the products.

Bespoke designs

You can choose from our existing stock trays or our expert design team can help you develop the right speciality meat packaging to present your products.

We have a range of tints and colours, to ensure that your products are promoted in high quality packaging with aesthetic appeal.

We can provide speciality meat trays in the full range of pantone colours and with additional special design features such as marbling, wood grain, or metallic effect.

From kebabs to grillsteaks, burgers to meatballs, our trays can be tailored to suit your speciality meat packaging needs.

Quality Assurance

Quality is of the utmost importance, and as a BRC accredited facility, all meat trays we produce meet the high food grade standards required.

By manufacturing our own sheet for packaging production, we have complete control over quality assurance right through the manufacturing process. We exercise rigorous quality testing at all stages, giving you confidence in the quality of our products.

Environmental considerations

As consumer demand for eco-friendly products and packaging increases, it is an important consideration for meat processing companies and supermarkets.

Using the patented Vacurema recycling system from EREMA, which is incorporated in our sheet extrusion system, all speciality meat trays we produce have a high recycled content, without compromising on the quality and strength of the end product.