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Quinn Packaging launch interactive 3D product models

Quinn Packaging have launched an innovative new feature on their website which will allow customers to view and interact with a 3D model of each of their food packaging products.

The new models will provide customers with a much greater level of detail than traditional still images and the interactive feature means they can get a full 360-degree view of the trays from every angle. It’s the closest virtual representation of the real-life product a customer or potential customer can get. Different design features and aspects of Quinn’s various trays can be seen clearly through the rotating models, which have replaced flat stationary images which only gave a single angle view.

A total of 177 new models have been developed for the Quinn website, including the full range of meat trays, mushroom punnets, poultry trays and ready meal trays. The user friendly feature doesn’t require any additional software with load speed greatly reduced through the use of a contact delivery network.

Kevin Boyle, Quinn Packaging Technical Support Representative, who was responsible for the delivery of the new 3D models, said,

“This is a new feature which will give the user a much more detailed view of our products and is the closest they will get to handling the real-life tray. There is much greater emphasis on working digitally these days, so we want to ensure we can provide our customers with the highest standard of product information, including this visual representation which is a cut above the market standard. This development is also a further demonstration of innovation here at Quinn Packaging, which is a core company value.”