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Quinn Packaging Invest in Cutting Edge IV Testing Capabilities

As part of our ongoing investment programme to enhance our in-house quality assurance capabilities here at Quinn Packaging, we have recently added state of the art IV testing equipment to our technology suite. The Polymer Viscometer Analyzer, commonly known as an IV Tester, was purchased from UK based PSL Rheotek.

This is a significant step for the business, as this technology is not found as standard in packaging companies. It’s another way for us to add greater value for our customers, and further streamline our processes.

IV testing essentially tests the strength (intrinsic viscosity) of PET plastic, whether that’s in the form of raw materials, or the extruded PET sheet used to make thermoformed packaging.

The investment means that strength testing can be performed in-house at every stage of the manufacturing process.

“Quality is a priority for us here at Quinn Packaging. So our Quality Assurance testing is a very valuable part of the manufacturing process. The introduction of new IV testing technology further bolsters our QA process, and eliminates the need for external testing in this area.
It’s another important investment for us, and one which sees us further differentiate ourselves in the food packaging sector as this technology isn’t commonplace in food packaging companies.”

Suzanne McNiff, Quality Assurance Manager, Quinn Packaging

Environmental Benefit

One of the challenges facing food packaging manufacturers is to balance the demands for higher volumes of recycled content in food packaging, with the need for robust products which are fit for purpose.

Our innovation team have been spearheading research and development to fine tune the polymer recipes we use to manufacture our PET sheet, seeking to find the optimum balance of recycled and virgin plastic. This research and development will be aided by the introduction of the IV testing technology, as it will allow strength testing throughout the process to pinpoint accuracy.

Quality, innovation and responsibility are core values here at Quinn Packaging, so our recent investment in IV testing technology fits perfectly with our brand values.