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Eco Innovation

We’re passionate about our Eco Development efforts, which are aimed at reducing the environmental impact of our products, and delivering economic benefits in the process.

It’s an area we have invested heavily in, both financially, and in terms of resources. We have a very clear goal; to be industry leaders in the Eco Innovation field.

Environmental Developments

One of our priorities when it comes to innovation is to reduce the environmental impact of our products. It is an important concern for our industry, due to the growing demand for more eco-friendly packaging.

Retailers are charged with addressing this, and have committed to doing so in their signing up to the Courtauld Commitment. By developing more eco-friendly packaging, we can make a contribution which helps retailers to deliver on this commitment, and reduces the carbon impact in the UK grocery sector.

We have done this by investing in cutting edge technology to maximise the level of recycled material used in our PET packaging, without compromising on the quality of the packaging itself.

Using the patented Vacurema recycling system from EREMA, which is incorporated in our PET sheet extrusion system, all RPET products we produce have a high recycled content. Complimentary to this, we have also invested in IV

Economic Benefits

We believe in passing on cost savings to our customers wherever possible, so as we develop more cost effective packaging our customers can save on the end product, with no compromise on quality or performance.